Aqsitania’s cutting edge signal analysing technology is unique. It is the result of many years of fundamental research carried out by Patrick Hanusse, co-founder and President of the company, when he was a senior research fellow at the French national research centre. It disrupts all traditional ways of analysing signals, enabling you to extract and modelize minute bits of data from periodic signals, and can be used in many different fields of application. International patents protect our technology.

RespiratoireAMARS & Personal Respiratory Profile (PRP)

Our Anharmonic Morphological Analysis of Respiratory Signals (AMARS) offers a new vision of analysing people’s respiratory status that is simple, precise, and highly sensitive.

The new markers defined by AMARS allows to create a unique « respiratory identification card » of the pulmonary function state: the Personal Respiratory Profile ® (or PRP).

Through acquisition, compression and cycle to cycle analysis of normal rest breathing the PRP summarizes the measurement of sensitive and specific morphological markers.

The PRP follow-up offers the possibility to detect abnormal drifts of breathing behaviour, allowing to anticipate negative evolution (exacerbation, respiratory failure, pulmonary oedema) and adapt treatment and evaluate its efficiency.

PRP can be used in diagnosis, telemonitoring, telehealth services or respiratory performance monitoring after exertion (sports, rehabilitation, etc.).

We call this new, soft and easy respiratory function test: Ventilometry.

AMARS’s benefits and quality have been proven in clinical studies carried out in collaboration with major hospitals and have resulted in joint presentations at important medical conferences in pulmonology and reanimation.

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calendar petitOther Fields of Activity

We are of course interested in other types of signals in the medical field, like cardiac, cardiorespiratory, and sleep signals, etc.

But our new approach can be applied in many other contexts!

If you work in a field that analyses periodic signals, our technology can give you a more complete and precise vision of the data carried by your signals than traditional tools (Fourier, wavelets, etc.). You will optimize your project’s analysis phases, save time and money and increase the quality of results.

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