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For telemonitoring of chronic pulmonary diseases, or for your custom-tailored signal analysis projects, in particular for physiological signals (respiratory, cardiac, etc.), our Anharmonic Morphological Analysis of Signals technology (or AMAS) will give you a new vision of the information carried by your signals! See : Technology.

Innovation for COPD, Asthma, Cystic FibrosisVentilometry: telemonitoring of chronic pulmonary diseases

At last, a novel test of pulmonary function: “Ventilometry”!

Resulting from research work carried out by the Aqsitania team, Ventilometry, based on morphological analysis of respiratory signals, is a cutting edge technology, only offered by Aqsitania.

It allows :

  • the definition of new markers of the pulmonary function based on normal rest breathing. Those markers are generated thanks to a safe and easy test which requires little from the patient: it can therefore be used by all, whatever the age or state of health. It’s Ventilometry (see details, including a video, in French at the moment, on
  • the emergence of a new concept of respiratory personality : the PRP, Personal Respiratory Profile, which can be precisely followed-up, and compared, from time to time.
  • securing the chronic respiratory patient at home (asthma, COPD, …) by using our homecare telemonitoring services, a quantum leap in telehealth dedicated to respiratory diseases.

See details: Aqsitania Respiratory Telemonitoring services leaflet, Technology, Ventilometry.

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SignalSignal Morphology Analysis Services

With our patented in-house technology and know-how we can help you devise the best analysis protocol to enable you to extract precise and relevant information from your signals via the study of their morphology.

It will improve the quality of your signal analysis studies and save time and money compared to studies carried out using traditional techniques.

CompasAnalysis Projects Conception and Management

We can help to structure your analysis projects and manage them for you within the limits of the perimeter of intervention, according to good practices of project management.

Contact us for a personalized study of your needs.

See also : Technology.