Securing the chronic respiratory patient at home by using our homecare telemonitoring services

Our novel signal analysis and modelling technology opens new fields of application

Products and services

Aqsitania proposes a new approach in the analysis of signals, which can be used for tele-monitoring chronic respiratory patients (asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis, etc.) and perform a respiratory follow-up of the sportsman. We can also build tailor-made projects using our disruptive technology, "morphological analysis of signals".
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Aqsitania's cutting edge patented signal analysis technology is unique. It outmatches traditional ways of processing signals. Its novel technology enables you to extract all the information carried by your signals, helping to make better, quicker decisions -- in any industry using signal analysis in its operations. For example, it allows to establish the Personal Respiratory Profile (PRP) of a person.
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About us

Aqsitania is a startup company founded in February 2014 which uses a unique periodic signal analysis and modeling process.
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